Copy of About Us

Established in 2017 by Somerville artist, Emily Tirella, Make & Mend was born out of necessity. Make & Mend is a secondhand art and craft supply shop. The goal of this store is to bring gently used art supplies to the community at a reasonable rate.  Previously a brick + mortar shop, we've transitioned completely online, offering affordable art supplies to everyone!

Art Supplies are incredibly expensive retail and many artists and makers are unable to try a multitude of mediums and grow their practice because of financial restraints.  We just want people to make things, try different materials and learn from each other.

Our brick + mortar shop was our beginning, now we're growing and shifting to a more accessible and sustainable platform.  Our shop opened in May of 2018 and closed in March 2020.  We really got to test the theory of a niche thrift store and introduce ourselves to the community of makers in Somerville and Boston. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have closed our retail location and moved into a larger artist studio space at Joy St. Studios.  Although we're not open to the public anymore, we're keeping the Boston artist community thriving and thrifting from the comfort of their homes.

Our Team:
Emily Tirella
Owner + Founder

Molly Burman
Driver + Studio Assistant


Cortnee Bollard (+ Mariska)
Inventory Assistant

Our Mission 

  • To collect and redistribute unwanted art supplies.
  • To take the intimidation out of trying new things.
  • To grow community through vulnerable creativity.
  • The reduce the amount of waste that goes into the art making process.
  • To repair, mend, or fix something before getting rid of it.

Make [verb]: to bring into being by forming, shaping, or altering material
Mend [verb]:
to put into good shape or working order again :patch up: